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Cancun to Playa del Carmen

37 °C
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Cancun is exactly what we need and Emily, wanting some time to herself is kind enough to give us leave to set out on a date night. Pizza ordered for her we head downtown to find the cheesiest Mexican hot spot there is - La Parilla Cancun. The food was as expected but the Mariachi band, margaritas and company made up for it ten fold! In the morning we set off for Playa del Carmen by taxi as we are not yet feeling brave enough for the bus and wondering if two night stops are too rushed? Maybe we will find a place to stay a little longer in Guatemala.. Playa is busy and touristy, but our first airbnb condo has a terrific pool and is just a few steps from the beach. The view from our deck with an ocean breeze blowing and a great band playing at the beach bar below is our evening entertainment. We are all starting to relax into the challenges and pleasures of traveling with the later being foremost in our minds in this beautiful tropical place. Next stop Caye Caulker, Belize!

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Cancun - not so pedestrian after all..

sunny 28 °C
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After an extremely turbulent red eye flight we arrive in Cancun feeling in need of a hot shower and sleep. I am intensly aware that in the coming months we will have many more grueling travel experiences some probably more uncomfortable than this. Needless to say we are all happy that we will not be flying again for several months. Fortunatly we are able to check in early and after a rather interesting mexican breakfast, settle in for a long exhausted sleep. Refreshed we hit the beach and resolve to enjoy the luxuries of our resort. We are all adjusting to the close quarters and difference in personalities and moods, it will be interesting to see how we all adjust. A trip like this is for learning and we will all learn, it seems patience, kindness and humility are among the first.

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JEK explained..

rain 11 °C

Jek is an acronym for Jizztasic (Jim) Extremely (Emily) Kool (Krista) Often used when something is so amazing you can't think of any other word to describe it.

Jenny: DUDE. Did you just see that yellow mustang?
Sophie: Yeah, it's so jek.

  1. jizztastic #kool #extreme #awesome #amazing
by Envious J-rizzle July 28, 2011

When deciding on a name for our blog we discovered this on urban dictionary. Seems about right to me! It's our first day on the road and not too much exciting has happened thus far. This part is old hat for us after several years of back and forth between St. Louis and Vernon. Emily was randomly selected for special screening at security but she handled it like a pro. She is well on her way to seasoned traveller and world adventurer! Next stop LAX maybe we'll meet a celebrity..

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Preparations and goodbyes

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We have exactly 10 days until we set off and the reality of what we're doing is starting to set in. Tensions are high and we are working towards a fast approaching deadline. My heart is heavy with the goodbyes being said, our world is smaller now with the miracle of social media but I know from experience that we will still feel the distance. At the same time the excitement that comes with knowing you will soon be thousands of miles above the earth and off on a new adventure is starting to bubble up. First stop Cancun, how very pedestrian..

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